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Bright Vision is a full service Landscape Design and Installation Company located Emirates of Dubai. We have been serving Residential, Commercial and Institutional clients.The company’s success is due largely to the fact that we are able to serve our clients from the very beginning of a project through all phases of design, planning, construction and maintenance to insure the design vision is achieved and sustained.

The philosophy we follow on every project is virtually identical. Design and construct ecologically sensitive and functional outdoor living spaces. What we mean by this is quite simple; the relationship between people and the environment should be simply what we are stating “a relationship” It is our environment should be simply what we are stating a relationship . It is our goal to provide a unified and balanced relationship between people and the environment while achieving the needs and desires of each entity.

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Swimming Pools

Bright Vision undertake construction, renovation and maintenance of residential and commercial swimming pools in many shapes, sizes and types skimmer, overflow, infinity and many more …

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Soft Landscaping

The Soft landscape construction services provided by Bright Vision are installed and supervised by a well trained and knowledgeable staff. We pride ourselves …

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Hard Landscaping

A Designer and installer will be on location at every project constructed by Bright Vision. What
does this mean? This means the Designer and installer of your project …

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Automatic Irrigation Installation

Following the landscape Design, our engineers put together detail plans for a self-sustained irrigation system. The sophisticated operated by Automatic Irrigation Installation …

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Water Features

Bright Vision undertakes the engineering design and construction of decorative water features such as Fountains, Waterfalls, Streams and Ponds that will serve to accentuate the beauty …

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Landscape Lighting

Outdoor lighting or landscape lighting not only gives a dramatic effect to your home by highlighting the trees and shrubs, the fountains and Monuments …

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Wooden Works

Wooden structures serve to satisfy functional requirements whilst providing your landscape with an aesthetic appeal. Bright Vision caters to the engineering design …

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Paving Works

Paving work shall consist of covering certain areas like footpaths, parking’s, roads, entrance & exit etc. We are specialized in all type of paving works like Interlock …

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General Maintenance

We realize the importance of following through with our projects upon completion to insure long term success and vision achieved. We provide maintenance services …

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